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Press Releases 2013

Download press releases from our Factory Automation division as a PDF portfolio. Each PDF portfolio contains the press release texts as PDF and WORD files as well as the images in 300 dpi TIF in CMYK color mode and 72 dpi JPG in RGB color mode.

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Press reports 2013

ML100 Newcomer ML100 Newcomer – New Solutions Available in Applications

The popular ML100 Series has now been expanded to include three new types: a sensor with an extra-wide light spot, a sensor for background evaluation, and a sensor with multiple light spots.

(October 2013, PR-2013-2405FA-ENG)

360° all-round view of the R2000 Mission Possible – Not Even the Tiniest Deviation Escapes the R2000

Using the 2D laser scanner, the R2000 can detect protruding objects close to the surface, and can even detect moving objects thanks to the high scan rate.

(October 2013, PR-2013-2396FA-ENG)

G10 Safety – Less is more G10 Safety – Less is more

AS-Interface is the world’s most widely-used interface concept, which has simplified automation through quick connection technology via flat cables.

(October 2013, PR-2013-2394FA-ENG)

F79 inductive sensor for the detection of metallic machine components Compact sensors with a range of designs and functional principles

Compact sensors are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they match the trend towards more compact, faster, and more efficient solutions in the machine and plant engineering sector.

(October 2013, PR-2013-2393FA-ENG)

Miniature ultrasonic sensor in F77 design Ultrasonic technology for a range of applications

Two decades of intensive development at Pepperl+Fuchs have transformed ultrasonic technology into a technology that is easy to use in many applications.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2256-FA-ENG)

IDENT Control RFID – More than Identification

The IDENT Control RFID system operates at all common RFID frequencies, has a modular design and offers flexible expansion options. The interfaces to higher-level controllers have been expanded with CC-Link and EtherCAT.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2150FA-ENG)

The new generation of magnetic absolute rotary encoders Magnetic rotary encoders with outstanding performance

Absolute rotary encoders with magnetic detection principle from Pepperl+Fuchs combine compact designs, robustness, and service life with high resolution and accuracy, and in so doing open up new fields of application …

(April 2013, PR2013-2331FA-ENG)

Parameterizing an ultrasonic sensor for level measurement Three new families of ultrasonic sensors

The robust yet accurate measuring method makes ultrasonic sensors ideal for a wide variety of applications …

(March 2013, PR-2013-2344-FA-ENG)

: F77 ultrasonic sensor in use in a PCB detection system Small, high-performance sensors for tight spaces

There is an increasing demand for smaller sensors that provide the performance, speed, and precision of larger sensors. Pepperl+Fuchs offers small, compact sensors that incorporate different types of technology …

(March 2013, PR-2013-2337-FA-ENG)

Reliable code reading in sub-zero temperatures Barcode scanner all-rounder – for warm and cold temperatures

The VB14N-T sub-zero scanner delivers performance characteristics never before seen in its class …

(March 2013, PR-2013-2336FA-ENG)

Outstanding reading performance and functionality with the new handheld readers OHV100 and OHV200 Compact and flexible handheld reader

Handheld readers for 1D and 2D codes must have outstanding reading performance, be easy to use and, at the same time, offer good adaptability to the applications at hand. The new OHV100 and OHV200 handheld readers easily satisfy these requirements …

(March 2013, PR-2013-2335FA-ENG)

The small light spot allows precise position detection of the driverless transport system without the need for additional sensors or interpolation processes. 2D laser scanner with pulse ranging technology

Pepperl+Fuchs engineers have combined a number of innovative technologies in a new 2D laser scanner, creating a device with unprecedented compactness, functionality, and performance …

(March 2013, PR-2013-2334FA-ENG)

New switching diffuse mode sensor with measuring core Switching diffuse mode sensor with measuring functionality

The new standard sensors with multi-pixel technology combine the price and reliability of simple photoelectric sensors with the flexibility and immunity of distance sensors, making them the perfect solution for object detection in the near range …

(March 2013, PR-2013-2325FA-ENG)

The compact and robust F190 UHF read/write head from Pepperl+Fuchs RFID - new, compact, and robust UHF read/write head from Pepperl+Fuchs

UHF read/write heads offer a higher range than LF and HF read/write systems, since the UHF technology communicates in the far field using "detached" waves and the LF/HF systems work in the near field …

(March 2013, PR-2013-2297FA-ENG)