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Press Releases 2012

This page provides you with Pepperl+Fuchs Press Releases published over the last year. Word Documents of these articles are also available. Please contact Irmtraud Schmitt.
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Press reports

Intrinsically safe trunk and spur technology. Just one simple installation for the entire segment. With short-circuit protection. With DART fieldbus technology, Pepperl+Fuchs is revolutionizing intrinsically safe applications

With this technology developed by Pepperl+Fuchs, users benefit from significantly higher power limits with full intrinsic safety for maximum protection during installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

(October 2012, PR-2012-2209PA-ENG)

Control Cabinet Solutions Control cabinet solutions for pressurizing systems
The basic kit represents a simple option for independently constructing a control cabinet according to ATEX Zone 2/22 and creating a manufacturer's declaration.

(May 2012, PR-2012-2234PA-ENG)

DART Fieldbus DART Fieldbus components available and ready for installation

When it comes to intrinsic safety for Zone 1 applications, DART is the technology of the future.

(May 2012, PR-2012-2223PA-ENG)

LB Remote I/O Compact, More Compact – LB Remote I/O

Staying with the motto "Space for more", Pepperl+Fuchs places a new universal I/O module for the proven LB Remote I/O System on the market.

(May 2012, PR-2012-2217PA-ENG)

WirelessHART portfolio Appropriate Tools for any Case
Pepperl+Fuchs completes its own WirelessHART portfolio with the 3D simulation tool WirelessNetworkChecker (WiNC) and a firmware update for the WirelessHART gateway.

(May 2012, PR-2012-2216PA-ENG)

DART Fieldbus DART Fieldbus – Certified according to ATEX and IEC-Ex

The benefits of intrinsic safety combined with high power result in the intrinsically safe High-Power Trunk. The Trunk is enabled through the unique combination of the innovative high-tech series of FieldConnex® products from Pepperl+Fuchs.

(April 2012, PR-2012-2207PA-ENG)

Surge Protection for Fieldbus The easy way of surge protection for fieldbus

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces a new range of intrinsically safe surge protectors with plug-in design and worldwide Zone 1/Div 2 certification.

(March 2012, PR-2012-2194PA-ENG)

Operator workstations for control panel installation in Zone 2 Operator workstations for control panel installation in Zone 2

The new VisuNet IND series for control panel installation has been specially designed for the OEM business. The Windows-based PCs, network-capable remote monitors, and monitors with KVM extenders are used for visualization and control in process automation.

(March 2012, PR-2012-2189PA-ENG)

Segment Checker Segment Checker – Simplifies your fieldbus planning

All FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 approved field instrumentation is now an integral part of Segment Checker. Segment Checker includes the latest FieldConnex DART Fieldbus products and accessories.

(March 2012, PR-2012-2186PA-ENG)

Universal Remote I/O module Universal and compact

The universal and space-saving I/O module forms the basis for the most compact remote I/O systems for Zone 2 on the market.

(March 2012, PR-2012-2180PA-ENG)

WirelessHART Things just got easier – WirelessHART becomes even

The planning and installation of a WirelessHART network is extremely simple. But in the case of networks which are distributed over large areas, this becomes more complex. Here, it is recommended to use special 3D simulation tools such as WiNC Mod and WiNC Sim. Intelligent functions in the gateway simplify WirelessHART to an even greater extent.

(April 2012, PR-2012-2179PA-ENG)