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Press Releases 2012

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Press reports

Unique in terms of performance, robustness, and user-friendliness - the R2000 laser scanner A new innovative sensor solution with PRT

In the new R2000 2D laser scanner, the Pepperl+Fuchs engineers have combined a number of innovative technologies into a compact device with unprecedented functionality and performance.

(October 2012, PR-2012-2282FA-ENG)

IDENTControl Compact from Pepperl+Fuchs with EtherCAT interface IDENTControl now supports RFID connectivity via EtherCAT

Many users in the material handling, automobile manufacturing, and intralogistics sector see the IDENTControl concept from Pepperl+Fuchs as the answer to all their needs, because the perfect modularity and general command structure facilitate the use of RFID technology.

(September 2012, PR-2012-2274FA-ENG)

Whether small or large warehouses, the PHA vision sensor always finds the right place for your product Vision sensor goes fieldbus

In factory automation, industrial vision positioning systems are a part of technological progress. Vision sensors ensure the automatic, highly accurate positioning of stock feeders, predominantly in material handling applications.

(October 2012, PR-2012-2260FA-ENG)

VMT Robots position control, Controlled positioning in the tail lamp recess High-precision position control for robots

The new VMT RP product from VMT Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH based in Mannheim, Germany, offers a complete system for robot position control.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2259-FA-ENG)

VMT Multisensor solutions, Depalletizing small load carriers Multisensor solutions for material handling, logistics and order picking

Whether depalletizing small load carriers, cardboard packaging and bags, or removing parts form meshed containers, boxes, and small load carriers, VMT Bildverarbeitungssysteme has the right solution for each of these handling tasks.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2258-FA-ENG)

3D position detection using laser measuring technology 3D position detection using laser measuring

"Bin picking“ – VMT supplies ready-made automation solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2257-FA-ENG)

Miniature ultrasonic sensor in F77 design Ultrasonic technology for a range of applications

Two decades of intensive development at Pepperl+Fuchs have transformed ultrasonic technology into a technology that is easy to use in many applications.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2256-FA-ENG)

Ultra-small R2 Photoelectric Sensors New ultra-small R2 photoelectric series for tight spaces

The growing need for increased machine efficiency also requires the progressive miniaturization of the components used. The new ultra-small R2 photoelectric series from Pepperl+Fuchs keeps up with this trend.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2254-FA-ENG)

PCB handling with the F79 inductive miniature sensor Small, high-performance sensors for tight spaces

There is an increasing demand for smaller sensors that offer the performance, speed, and precision of larger sensors. Along with functionality, it should also be possible to integrate these sensors discretely into the machine.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2253-FA-ENG)

IDENT Control RFID – More than Identification

The IDENT Control RFID system operates at all common RFID frequencies, has a modular design and offers flexible expansion options. The interfaces to higher-level controllers have been expanded with CC-Link and EtherCAT.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2150FA-ENG)

G10 safety module G10 Safety – Less is more

AS-Interface is the world’s most widely-used interface concept, which has simplified automation through quick connection technology via flat cables.

(August 2012, PR-2012-2061FA-ENG)

RFID reader in a roller conveyor High speed, wide range - RFID solution for material

The new 54-centimeter RFID reader has a continuous read range along its entire length with a uniform read distance of 65 mm. It is connected to the IDENTControl interface and can be linked to the controller via all common fieldbuses.

(August 2012, PR-2011-2008FA-ENG)

Rotary Encoder Rotary encoder for use in hazardous environments

With a diameter of only 78 mm, an extended temperature range, as well as Ex-d protection class and mining approval for the stainless steel versions, the rotary encoders presented here are suitable for numerous applications.

(June 2012, PR-2012-2230FA-ENG)

F31K2 Dual Inductive Sensor F31K2 – Valve position sensing with a global view

The F31K2 dual inductive sensor with “outdoor” functionality completes the range of Pepperl+Fuchs open solutions.

(May 2012, PR-2012-2203FA-ENG)

AS-Interface G10 Safety – Less is more

AS-Interface is the world’s most widely-used interface concept, which has simplified automation through quick connection technology via flat cables.

(June 2012, PR-2012-2061FA-ENG)

ML4.2 Miniature photoelectric sensor Special sensors for the print and paper industry

For the first time, Pepperl+Fuchs presents optical background suppressors from the ML10 series in an extremely compact cube design with dimensions comparable to fiber optic sensors.

(April 2012, PR-2012-2212FA-ENG)

Optical Print Inspector The powerful Optical Print Inspector

The new Optical Print Inspector from Pepperl+Fuchs is the powerful solution for code reading in the paper, printing, and packaging sector.

(January 2012, PR-2012-2147FA-ENG)

BIS510 BIS510 – No. 1 for Sheet Verification
The new features that Pepperl+Fuchs has added to the BIS510 sheet verification sensor for use in all common collating, folding, and binding machines have made the sensor even more powerful.

(April 2012, PR-2012-2147FA-ENG)

R2000 laser scanner PRT enters a new dimension

Not all time-of-flight measurements are the same. On the basis of pulse ranging technology (PRT) developed by Pepperl+Fuchs, a new, innovative laser scanner has been produced that impressively demonstrates the advantages of this technology.

(March 2012, PR-2012-2190FA-ENG)

Smart Farming Smart farming on the rise

Agricultural machinery benefits from the capabilities of modern automation technology. Industrial sensors play a central role in task like measuring inclination angles, detecting terrain type, and controlling vehicles.

(April 2012, PR-2012-2184FA-ENG)

The RL31 measuring photoelectric sensor with IO-Link interface Multi-functional photoelectric sensors with measuring functionality as additional benefit

Due to the increasing integration density of hardware components, including in the world of optical sensors, the trend has been towards greater integration of intelligent evaluation and measurement methods.

(February 2012, PR-2012-2182FA-ENG)

G10 Safety G10 Safety – Less is more

AS-Interface is the world’s most widely-used interface concept, which has simplified automation through quick connection technology via flat cables.

(February 2012, PR-2012-2061FA-ENG)

LGS series light grids LGS series light grids - Touch it, save it

A new LGS series light grid stands out due to its slim housing profile and control unit already integrated into the receiver module. The light grid is particularly suitable for standard tasks in warehousing and material handling, packaging, and in general automation.

(April 2012, PR-2011-2055FA-ENG)